Cold Model Test of Biperiodic L-support Disk-and-Washer Linac Structure

Y. Iwashita, A. Noda, H. Okamoto, T. Shirai, and M. Inoue,
Accelerator Laboratory, Nuclear Science Research Facility,
Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University,
Gokanosho, Uji, Kyoto 611, JAPAN


Cold model test of a biperiodic L-support Disk-and-Washer linac structure is performed. Each washer is supported by two L-shaped supports 180 apart azimuthally. The structure is a variant of the biperiodic 4-T support DAW. Because the coupling-mode frequency is pushed up by the supports, it should be compensated to coincide with the accelerating frequency. The biperiodic supports also break the uniformity of the field distribution on the axis. The compensation methods against these perturbations are described.
Here is the PostScript document. (488112 Byte)