Experimental Physics Program - Kadai Enshu A4

Subject : Acceleration of Charged Particle Beam

--- Interaction of Charged Particles with the Electromagnetic Field ---

Division of Particle Beam Science in Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University develops ion and electron accelerators and studies the interaction between charged particles and electromagnetic field, and the physics of charged particle beam.

In this program of the experimental physics, students learn an actual equipment design, a fabrication and a beam experiment for a charged particle accelerator, which is a key device for the particle and nuclear physics.

In the experiments, an electron beam is accelerated to around 100 keV by the electromagnetic field. The performance of the fabricated accelerator is evaluated from the electron beam measurements. The relativistic effect of the electron motion can be also

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1. Lectures

2. Computer Simulation

4. Beam Acceleration Experiment

The acceleration cavity is the coaxial one, of which resonant frequency is 144 MHz. The view of the cavity is shown in the following figures. The width of the acceleration gap is about 1 cm. Just behind the acceleration gap, a thermal cathode is installed and the thermal electrons are accelerated by the gap voltage.

Students measure the accelerated electron beam parameters using some beam monitors at the downstream of the acceleration cavity. The electron beam energy , velocity and the current are measured. The flight path of the electron is evacuated by the vacuum pumps.

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Location of the Laboratory - Uji city in Kyoto

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